Social Responsibility

Venu Madhuri

Venu Madhuri is a rural development project that aims at sustainable development and self-sufficiency through traditional wisdom. In pursuance of Mahatma Gandhi's Charkha movement, this project aims to deliver basic amenities, revive cottage industry, and restore a sense of empowerment to village populations.

In India the majority of the population is in the villages. But the difficulty is that the villages lack basic amenities. The Indian nation’s father Mahatma Gandhi contemplated a program of village organization based on sound agricultural practices and village industry that would ensure the proper health and well-being of the villagers. Inspired by Gandhian ideals and the vision of Radhanath Swami, Venu Madhuri, adopted a village named Ramanwadi in Maharashtra as a model village to later replicate the project in other villages.

Key Result Areas

  • Watershed development
  • Organic farming
  • Animal husbandry (Cow protection)
  • Cottage industry
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Health

Our Achievements

  • Neighboring villagers are inviting Venu Madhuri to start activities in their villages
  • Staff nominated and selected for various courses offered by well known organizations in India NIRD,ANTHRA, PRINCE, NWA.
  • Staff member selected as free seat, for 12 day permaculture training at Sri Lanka. The selection was from amongst several candidates from Asia and Australia.

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