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Bring Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness into your Business

Business Process Outsourcing optimizes business performance to attain value creation. There has been an enormous upsurge in the outsourcing industry in many developing countries, like India, which reduces costs and increases service quality. Nityo is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) focusing on the complex, voice, and non-voice-based segment of customer-care services. The integrated solution approach provides enhanced value to the customers through process standardization, simplification, and optimization. Services are provided from delivery centres in the Americas, EMEA, APAC, and India.


Benefits of BPO Services

Cost Savings

Outsourcing saves money on office space, operating materials, equipment, and resources because the outsourced workers are offsite. Nityo's BPO services reduce the cost of in-house labour and assist in making your company as efficient as possible while saving money.

Saving Time

Outsourcing enables non-core business functions to become effortlessly streamlined. Specialists from your BPO service provider will effectively handle those non-core functions, saving time, improving accuracy, and increasing productivity.

Greater Efficiency

Outsourcing to Nityo enables you to ensure that your employees are satisfied, motivated, and feel that all their abilities are valued and thus will create greater workplace efficiency overall, leading to tremendous success for your business.

Focus on Core Business Functions

Outsourcing business processes offers your business more time and energy to dedicate to your company's focal point. You won't have to worry about a payroll accountant's performance or human resources recruitment.


Business Process Outsourcing Service


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Nityo has developed Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Model. This model enables a flawless end-to-end recruitment activity outsourced to a Recruitment Services Company like Nityo. Nityo facilitates employee recruitment at various levels and domains by providing Skilled Resources, Tools & Technologies that virtually function as its client's "Recruitment Department". Nityo's highly skilled Recruitment team is responsible for end-to-end recruitment, from gathering client requirements to onboarding candidates. Aside from this, we have years of experience in re-badging employees and moving their payroll to Nityo.


Customer Service & QRC Management

For any successful and sustainable business model, it is essential to provide end-to-end customer support through Quick, Accurate, and Quality responses. Nityo's Outsourcing Business Excellence model helps our clients to experience exceptional customer interaction with a high level of C-SAT. Our highly professional and skilled representatives always add value to each interaction to be able to address and resolve customers' issues in various 24/7 platforms such as Inbound, Outbound, Live-Chat, E-Mail, and Social Media etc


Technical Help Desk

IT Services and IT Solutions are Nityo's Core Centre of Excellence. We provide top-notch Technical Support and BPO Services to IT & Non-IT organizations globally, maintaining the best quality parameters. Our Technical Support BPO solutions include E-Mail Technical Support, Dialer for both Inbound and Outbound, Cloud Telephony, Chat-Bot, Omni Channel support, a Dedicated Analytics team, and enabling tools etc. Nityo's top priority is to mitigate downtime issues, enable high-efficiency output, minimise manual intervention, support high productivity, and accumulate data points to be able to analyze and build up a strategic viewpoint at minimum cost.


Finance and Accounts Outsourcing

Companies are channelizing their finance function to achieve superior results through effective operations with requisite compliance and controls, expense vs growth balance, cash flow cycle reduction, ROI maximization, IT rationalization, resource optimization, and innovative delivery models that facilitate Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) to become the desired economic transformation strategy.


Human Resource Outsourcing

Nityo's rich Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) practice substantially supports the full spectrum of HR Services offerings. These are delivered through a combination of certified domain experts, proven transition methodology, and quality-driven operational excellence integrated with apt technology enablers.


Procurement Outsourcing

The current competitive market has led companies to become more responsive, strategically strengthen business performance and reduce costs. Nityo's process and performance management skills, integrated with the best practices and technology, provide higher productivity and sustainable quality.

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