HackerTrail is a portfolio company of Nityo Infotech Services Pte. Ltd.

HackerTrail is a portfolio company of Nityo Infotech Services Pte. Ltd. “HackerTrail” uses machine learning and gamification technology to identify top tech talent through a complete AI enabled virtual channel.

1. Skill Assessment Engine

HackerTrail’s technical assessments help talent acquisition teams to filter applications for the most relevant candidates and reduce irrelevance. It can be utilized for the current technology teams to benchmark their skill sets.

Their technical assessment suite uses advanced algorithm to benchmark candidates, as part of a recruitment funnel, or even to assess an existing technology team. These technical assessments have been designed to cover a wide range of technical roles, including developers, infrastructure specialists, data scientists, project managers, and many more. Results are saved in the employer’s account as well as sent automatically to registered email address, giving employers the option to review either at their leisure or in real-time.

Key features

  • Gamified assessments spanning over 100+ core tech skills.
  • Adaptive multiple-choice questions, coding challenges, and carefully designed technical case studies.
  • A branded, editable assessments web page that enables employers to showcase their brand and increases engagement among job applicants, with this fully loaded micro – website.
  • Real-time plagiarism detector to ensure the integrity of the submitted code.
  • Advanced security features like- session recording, unique pass codes, IP address tracking, automated reporting, etc.
Selenium Android JavaScript Linux Scripting Object Oriented Design Tableau
Coding iOS Magento Linux Shell Operating System SAS
Blue Prism Angular JS MatLab Linux Sys Admin System Administration MS SQL
Elastic Search Angular 2/4/5 Node.js Virtualization VMWare MySQL
ELK ASP.Net PHP Dockers Machine Learning MongoDB
Embedded Systems C Ruby AWS Cloud Platform Inferential Statistics Oracle
Control Systems C++ R Azure Cloud Platform Spark Post GRE SQL
Git and Github C# React.js (old) Citrix Hadoop SQL
IoT CSS React.js (new) Distributed Systems Talend (old) Project Management
IT Support D3.js React native Network Engineer Talend (new) Scrum
Logical Reasoning Django Scala UI Path UX Quality Assurance
J2EE Embedded C Swift RPA SAP ABAP Quick Test Professional
Spring Golang Web Dev NLP Hadoop AEM
Java AWS
Python AWS DevOps
Data Science DevOps
Numerical Reasoning IT Security

2. Tech Recruitment Solution

HackerTrail uses proprietary recruitment technology to build a powerful recruitment funnel for employers by combining the power of machine learning, gamification, and technical assessments to source and curate candidates in volume. Employers can then choose how to interview. Either allow their customer success team to schedule interviews with candidates, or for volume hiring, leverage the efficiency of interviewing 40-to-60 candidates in a single evening through a virtual/ onsite hiring event, completely organised by HackerTrail’s team.

  • Increases reach to candidates including both inactive and passive job seekers.
  • Dramatically reduces the time spent on scheduling and interviewing.
  • Improves the relevance and quality of job applicants via online curation process.
  • Provides a quicker, effective and efficient hiring process both for candidate and employer.

How it works


A blend of digital marketing and best-in-class sourcing techniques provides a large pool of interested candidates.


Your employer brand sits front and centre, helping to sell your vision and manage candidate expectations from the outset.


Data science and technical assessments predict candidate relevance and ensure only the most suitable people are recommended.


The best profiles arrive in your inbox ready for shortlisting.


Selected candidates arrive for interview, either at your office, or at one of HackerTrail’s signature recruitment events.


Expert recruiters help you manage the offer and joining process.


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