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Opening Doors To Successful Career

We simplify your staff with our broad range of skills based on the job and online training courses. Break into a new field like information technology or data science. Prior experience is optional to get started.


Benefits of Nityo's Training Services

Accredited Courses

Nityo offers a range of accredited training courses that can be tailor-made to meet your needs. Our specialist training includes procurement and contracting, project management, and leadership.

Needs Analysis and Evaluation

Nityo conducts focused analysis to determine what learning solutions your organization might require. We also conduct evaluations of your existing training programs.

Skills Recognition

Enquire about formally recognizing your current competence and prior learning and gaining credit toward a qualification.


Training Service Offerings


Orientation Training

Practical employee orientation training offers basic business information that new hires need to be ready for their organizational role. The orientation program benefits employees and employers by educating new employees, setting them up for success in their new roles, addressing any questions, and helping them contribute to the organization immediately.


Onboarding Training

Onboarding training is the simple process of getting your new employees up to speed, understanding their new responsibilities, becoming familiar with company culture, and quickly becoming productive team members. Employee orientation is a 1-2 days process, while the employee onboarding process could be a series of events that occurs for a duration of a week, a month, or even a year in some cases.


Compliance Training

Compliance training is a workplace training type mandated by legislation, regulation, or policy. It educates hires on the laws and regulations of their job function or industry. An effective compliance training program aids in preventing poor conduct and ensures proper governance in a business. It helps minimize risks, maintains reputation, and offers employees a better safe workplace environment.


Product Training

Product training includes crucial information about your organization's goods, services, or products that employees need to learn to perform their jobs effectively. Depending on various employee roles, product training can focus on various aspects and can have different learning goals. Value-adding product training allows your marketing team to reach the right market and a dedicated sales team to answer the complex questions customers are looking for.


Leadership Training

Leadership training for your employees at the managerial level is a way to refresh & reset their mindset. On the other hand, leadership training for other employees helps them understand their current roles and learn what it takes to become extraordinary leaders in the future.


Quality Assurance Training

Quality assurance training helps employees better understand quality assurance activities and improve processes that ensure the final product or service meets set quality standards, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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