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Powering Growth and Scale for Companies

Nityo Infotech teamed up with iStrives, a company that effectively controls your business's significant aspects, be it planning, sourcing, purchasing, operations, accounts, employee management, production, etc., with the all-in-one management platform. With the primary vision of offering a one-stop solution to make managing performance and the business easy, iStrives was conceptualized.


Why Us?

Performance Centric
iStrives is dedicated to helping you run your business operations without any hurdles, satisfy your customers, and ultimately increase profits. The performance-centric model helps you understand the market dynamics and quickly evolve with it.
Fast to Scale
With the help of iStrive's all-in-one performance-centric tool kit, your business will reflect an upward-moving curve in your growth graph by achieving economies of scale.
Drive Growth and Retention
Growth and retention are crucial aspects for every business, and iStrives help you achieve growth by satisfying your customers but retaining the same.

Our Offerings


Performance Management

Simplify performance management and make it straightforward for your teams to drive their success with features like data upload, metric builder, target builder, data API connector, performance triggers, and scorecard settings.


Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

Manage all your marketing, support, sales, and suppliers effortlessly within a single all-in-one business platform. It helps you with all the primary functions of your business, including sales, marketing, support, suppliers, reporting and analytics, and automation.


Project Management

A powerful tool to efficiently manage projects and digitize processes faster and easier using a single all-in-one business platform. It helps you with scheduling, geotagging, task dependency, project templates, collaboration, and many more.


Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

Get a 360-degree view of all your employees to gauge interactions, effectiveness, performance, and collaboration. Manage all your HRMS activities, including connecting them to projects, business performance, and other company operations.


Document Management

With iStrives document management, put information at your team's fingertips, making it easy to access what they need for their role: business materials, knowledge base, valuable links, and all other resources.


Task Management

There are several things to do in the organization, and tracking your tasks can get daunting. iStrives task management makes it quick and effortless to manage to-do lists and set activities and actions for the whole organization.


Custom Integration

iStrives custom integration's primary goal is to reduce the need to swap between multiple applications and create interconnectivity between different work aspects, maximizing productivity.



Let the team change the game and win it by equipping them with leaderboards, badges, notifications, competitions, and rewards using the iStrives gamification feature.



iCollaborate is here to change the experience and ease communication while injecting structure so that the team retains valuable information in the thread.



iRewards is an entirely new approach to team incentive programs. This employee rewards solution improves motivation to a different level from instant recognition. It provides an extensive toolkit of gamification, rankings, nudges mechanics, and many more tools to drive business outcomes.



This is your communications tool for pushing internal and external information feeds to your teams. Push news on your customers, industry, competitors, regulations, etc. Plus, extend your feeds to cover blogs and jobs to reduce your team's time hunting on the web and increase the efficiency of your internal communications.


Business Intelligence

Put analytics capability at everyone's fingertips rather than a select few in your organization. This powerful tool allows all the data connected to and generated by iStrives to be turned into visuals to identify trends and opportunities to improve decision-making at all levels. Now you don't need a separate business intelligence tool.

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