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Communication Service Providers are increasingly choosing an OpEx model instead of a CapEx model for agility and scalability. We offer end-to-end managed services, including architecting, functional and business analysis, technical consulting, implementation, and program management.

Leveraging mCOPS (managed Cloud OPerationS), we help you seamlessly manage a highly available and persistent cloud environment with optimized resource utilization and reduced cloud spending.



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Components of Cloud Services


Cloud resources are delivered to users over the internet, so there is a requirement for third-party service providers to build and maintain the networking infrastructure that makes it possible.


A server is simply a device or computer programmed to offer a service to a customer or user. In private cloud deployments, companies may use dedicated servers to store information. In contrast, public cloud providers leverage the multi-tenant model and use the same server to provide services for more than one customer.


Cloud storage services allow companies to store and manage data on offsite file servers instead of building their data centres. Third-party cloud storage providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Google Cloud Storage can manage and maintain data and remote backups.


Virtualization may be the most crucial aspect of cloud infrastructure. This software abstracts the available data storage and computing power away from the actual hardware, allowing users to interact with their cloud infrastructure through a graphical user interface.


Cloud Services Offerings


Migration and Managed Services

Nityo supports data centre migration, 24*7 cloud infrastructure and app management services, application backup and site DR, application containerization, DevOps and app modernization, and cross-cloud migration.


Cloud Consulting

We provide cloud consulting services to our customers to evaluate their cloud needs, IT strategy, processes, and technologies required for using the cloud. We assess our clients based on their business needs and strategy.


Cloud Management

We understand the importance of managing your business application with cloud computing and have customized cloud management plans for our customers. Our customers are pleased with our managed cloud service.


Customization Services

Nityo provides optimization recommendations, a saving tracker at the granular level, scheduled Ops, and monitoring analytics.


SAP Services

Our SAP services include S/4 Hana conversions, SAP Greenfield implementation, SAP OS/DB migration, SAP functional enhancement, SAP DR setup on the cloud, and SAP managed services.


Data Services

Data services include data lakes, warehouses, streaming data analytics, BI reports, and dashboards.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services include demand forecasting, financial forecasting, and personalized recommendation.


Public Cloud

The public cloud offers enough computing power and resource pools to fulfil different IT needs. So, you do not need to buy extra servers or other on-premises equipment to facilitate transient applications and workloads.

Private Cloud

This distributes IT assets over private infrastructure to fulfil a single company's user, client, and partner goals. It offers a highly secure internal environment. The reason is simple. IT can configure the network, hardware, and data storage to prevent access from other clients in the same data centre.

Hybrid Cloud

This type uses a mix of public and private clouds to perform specific roles in the same company. The process is done by enabling information and application sharing between both platforms. Using this model, you can get the best of both private and public clouds, which retain their individual properties.

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