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Nityo's Enterprise Application Services (EAS) practice proactively assists organizations in their business transformation initiatives. It offers a strategic vision to redesign business processes, thus helping reduce TCO, increase ROI and improve productivity. We offer skilled resources and best-in-class technology for implementation, upgrades, consolidation, and enhancement.

The complexity of maintaining applications, cost unpredictability, rapidly changing business priorities, and the need for increased service quality are frequent challenges that IT organizations face. Furthermore, there is a constant need for reduction in IT operations and maintenance costs, along with an increase in the number of discretionary funds available to enable investments in transformational initiatives. Nityo, with its proven application maintenance capability, offers unique and innovative solutions for efficiently managing any organization’s application IT estate.




Application Development

At Nityo, we create a system program, or a set of programs, to perform various tasks that an organization requires. Be it calculating monthly expenses or scheduling sales reports, applications facilitate companies to automate processes and increase efficiency. Nityo understands that every business is unique and thus is focused and dedicated to developing applications that will ease operations and promote increased productivity.


Maintenance and Support

Nityo’s application maintenance and support services are dedicated to ensuring that your apps are highly available, reliable, and keep up with your ever-evolving company needs.



Nityo’s application re-engineering services assist you in rethinking and redesigning how your current application meets the strategic objectives. We primarily focus on innovation, quality deliverables, flexibility, and cost control by re-engineering functional modules and brace processes using state-of-the-art Application Re-Engineering Methodologies.



At Nityo, we evaluate the suitability and functionality of the developed software to ascertain whether the software meets the specified requirements and identify the defects to ensure that the developed software is defect-free to produce a quality product.

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