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Communication management solutions drive more personalization and relevance for customer content and messaging across print and digital channels. You can act on a customer's channel preferences and enable interactions to be effective, two-way communications.


Different Types of Communication Services

Optical Communication System

Optical communication system depends on light as the medium for communication. In an optical communication system, the transmitter converts the information into an optical signal (signal in the form of light), and finally, the signal reaches the recipient. The recipient then decodes the signal and responds accordingly.

Radio Communication Systems

In the radio communication system, the information flows with the help of a radio. A radio communication system works with a transmitter and receiver equipped with an antenna. With the help of an antenna, the transmitter produces signals carried through a radio carrier wave. With the help of an antenna, the receiver also receives the signal.

Duplex Communication System

In a Duplex communications system, two pieces of equipment can communicate with each other in both directions simultaneously and hence the name Duplex. When you interact with your friend over the telephone, both of you can listen to each other at the same time.

Half Duplex Communication Systems

In a half Duplex communication system, both parties can't communicate simultaneously. The sender must stop sending the signals to the recipient, and only the recipient can respond. A walkie-talkie works on the half-duplex communication system.

Tactical Communication System

In a tactical communication system, communication varies according to environmental conditions and other situations.


Communications Services Offerings


Communications Archiving

Create more personal connections with customers, prospects, partners, and others with individual, interactive, real-time video, and other online experiences.


Interactive Personalized Media

Strengthen customer relationships and maximize postal savings with unified, efficient, and reliable delivery of customer communications across all channels.


Print and Digital Communications Management

Enhance the efficiency and impact of your print and digital communications management with Nityo's strategies.

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