Compliance with
the RBA Code of Conduct

Nityo Infotech Services Pte Ltd is committed to complying with the RBA code of Conduct. The RBA Code of Conduct is a systematic set of standards on environmental, social, and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain.

The standards in the Code of Conduct refer to the international norms and standards, including the ILO International Labor Standards, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ISO, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, SA standards, and many more.

Nityo Infotech Services Pte Ltd expects the same minimum commitment from all our business partners and suppliers with the RBA code of conduct.


Consistency and Reliability of Experienced Resources

Nityo has dedicated consultants who provide consistency of service and internal training programs that maintain and replenish their skills and expertise.


Domain and Technology Expertise

Nityo Services are delivered with speed and flexibility. In addition, Expertise is guaranteed through extensive project experience.


Significant Resource Pool

Nityo’s talented consultants can assist in all aspects of implementations and provide complete project resources ranging from junior consultants, at competitive rates, to senior business/technical analysts, developers, and project managers either as complete teams or as individuals to augment existing projects.


Global Footprint

Nityo deploy's resources worldwide at short notice and can draw upon an extensive talent pool as and when short-term needs arise. Nityo offers a hybrid delivery model through a mix of On-shore and Near Shore services. This approach reduces the TCO of the Client's Project's implementation.

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