Enabling Digital Breakthrough for Telecom Industries

Changes in the communication landscape are directly proportional to the inventiveness and resourcefulness of this rapidly growing industry. In an era of convergence and discovery, we have incorporated solutions with customized services for various communication streams while keeping your customers in mind. Our unique ability to architect integrated solutions covers application development infrastructure management and process outsourcing. Through this, we deliver measurable business benefits like improved productivity, reduced deployment cost, and improved market speed for our customers.

Nityo can provide a convergent view across the Tele-Media value chain and can act as a consultant, vendor, and strategic partner to transform legacy systems, develop and deliver integrated, scalable next-generation services and offerings, understand and address challenges brought about by convergence, and rapid innovation adopt new technologies as a Communications Service Provider (CSP) and support following generation communication for a greater return on investment.


Telecom Services


Professional Services -

Partner with multiple product principals and systems integrators to offer professional services

Nityo Commerce Cloud - TELCO BSS

BSS offerings for Careers, Career Providers - Full MVNO & Light, MVNO, MVNE, MVNA, Data Center, Near Edge, Edge Computing &more.

Nityo Commerce Cloud - TELCO OSS

Streamlined OSS- Network/Service Inventory, Network Design, Provisioning.

Nityo Telco Network Services

Wireless Network Deployment & Operations, Fiber Network Backhaul Buildout and more

Nityo Telco Growth as a Service

Enterprise Business New Revenue Opportunities
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