DevOps and Hybrid Cloud


Fight Secret Sprawl in DevOps and Hybrid Cloud Environments

Nityo Infotech, in partnership with Akeyless, is a unified secrets management platform to centrally secure certificates, credentials, and keys used by machines, applications, and DevOps teams in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The collaboration offers effective Secrets Management with extensions that provide Secure Remote Access and Data Protection. Together, they empower software-driven enterprises to manage DevOps secrets and enforce Zero trust access.


Why Us?

All In One Solution
It offers a secret orchestrator of M2M and H2M access to protect your passwords, API keys, SSH- keys, TLS/ SSH certificates, Encryption keys, and Signing keys.
Any Environment
Offering security and encryption in any environment is Akeylesss' priority. It also has global API availability.
Zero Trust Encryption
Only the customer can access and use his keys and secrets because it's NIST FIPS 140-2 Certified.

Our Offerings


Secrets Management

Protect and automate access to secrets like credentials, keys, tokens, and API Keys across your DevOps tools and Cloud platforms using a secured vault.


Secure Remote Access

Akeyless Secure Remote Access secures your infrastructure and applications by enabling unified authentication and ephemeral just-in-time access permissions.

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