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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software development and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goals of SRE are to create scalable and highly reliable distributed platforms by building auto-healing capabilities in the environment using code. Eliminate the toil and bring efficiencies to the IT Infrastructure operations by building tools and microservices and working closely with developers on building stable and secure solutions from the start.


Advantages of SRE Services

Enhanced Metrics Reporting

One of the most significant benefits offered by site reliability engineers is clarity. They employ relevant measures relating to bugs, efficiency, production, overall service health, and other factors. They can also transform these metrics into more concrete components, such as the average length of downtime and its relationship to lost income.

Modernize and Automate Operations

Site reliability engineers may completely transform operations departments with a comprehensive viewpoint and a deep understanding of contemporary technologies and best practices. While an SRE expert may pretty quickly identify problems, they won't always be the ones to resolve them.

More Time For Creating Value

The development team might have much more time to devote to developing new features and enhancements if the error detection and resolution process were more effective. Concurrently, operations teams will have more room to direct configuration, testing, and maintenance.

Clarify and Meet Customer Expectations

In contrast to DevOps, SRE is ultimately concerned with improving client and customer experiences. This is how SRE work is structured, with specific goals established to satisfy client expectations. There are several components to this, like Service Level Agreement (SLA), Service Level Objectives (SLO), and Service Level Indicator (SLI).


SRE Offerings



Our senior consultants work closely with our customers to use SRE and DevOps methodologies to help your internal teams architect & automate the deployment of high-performance converged infrastructure platforms and develop a customer fulfilment pipeline for provisioning both cloud and on-premises infrastructure resources, including computation, storage and networking. Our Consulting team also provides coaching and mentoring that enables our customers to enable a pipeline-driven Cloud platform for IaaS (and eventually PaaS & CaaS).



Our senior technologists work closely with our customers to use SRE and DevOps methodologies to architect & automate the deployment of high-performance converged infrastructure platforms, enhance monitoring capabilities, build auto-healing capabilities, and create automation as a service platform leveraging microservices and orchestration engines.



Our Training and Program management team work closely with our customers to bring structured training thru highly skilled and experienced coaches and trainers on SRE and DevOps methodologies to upskill your internal teams, bring in T-shaped skill structure, and help them develop microservices and tools to automate the toil.

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