Social Responsibility

Share Your Care

Share Your Care Inc. is a non profit corporation organized to provide education, training and charitable services worldwide to those in need. In addition, SYC will support other humanitarian organizations and programs that imbibe similar purposes such as: education, self sufficiency , food and disaster relief, medical services and hospice care.

‘Share Your Care’ is a humble attempt to bring some peace, caring and good health to all those people who need it the most by all those of you who are capable of providing this world with a little something that will change the life of someone in need.

The beginnings of ’Share Your Care’ go a long way back when 6 young doctors, influenced by the teachings of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, took to serving their community via what the called as ’Divine Calling’. Their eagerness to serve the needy ailing was so strong that they would go from village to village. What started as small community camps in far flung villages has now culminated into the Bhaktivedanta Hospital on the outskirts of Mumbai city in India. Besides having excellent medical facilities, the hospital aims to make a unique blend of Spiritual and emotional care to support speedy recovery of patients.

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