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Big Data

What is Big Data & Analytics

We offer big data and analytics services to help companies that uses large volume of data set that are structured and unstructured. For many companies it is difficult to understand what they can do with the data and how it can be utilized for business. Our team helps you analyze insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

For few companies the terminology "big data" is new but they store and gather information which get unstructured when not in use.

We can help your organization defines its data strategies and approach - including its choice of big data, analytics and cloud technologies. Our services can make a critical difference in your ability to compete in the market.

BigData Service Offerings

  • Big data strategy: We offer customized data strategy to each clients by understanding their business and technology objectives. Every business is unique and need different strategy to achieve success and we help you to create roadmap for big date
  • Architecture strategy: Nityo helps you to evaluate solutions for your big data ecosystem including cloud vs. on premise, technology options available etc.
  • Advanced analytics strategy: To help companies building business case of advance analytics, enhancing analytics capabilities etc.

3 V's of Big Data


By volume, we mean quantity and that can be structured or unstructured data from variety of sources including analytics, media information, data with organizations.


Velocity means how fast the data is coming. For example, social media websites like Facebook has to dealt with bulk of data every day.


It refers to the format of data. The images may be in different format and requires different treatment to each kind of data.