Nityo’s Unique Safe-shore Methodology

Safeshore Methodology

It is a three dimensional combination of the use of appropriate shore (Onshore, Near-shore and Offshore) , availability of skill set in destination and the optimum infrastructure (e.g. IP Regulation, Cyber rules etc) of destination location.
It is Customer-driven and customer-needs aware Methodology
Not a generic offshore
Customer can choose a multi-location outsourcing strategy with the focus on the which location can best deliver a certain piece of work
No single point of failure
Very conducive to those customers which additionally require IP Security
It does not tie a customer to a specific location rather than give the customer to choose location based on type of work to be outsourced.


  • Determination of the effective engagement execution game plan
  • IP Protection/Data Privacy
  • Availability of Skilled resources with appropriate efficiency and work attitude
  • Good Legal Framework of country- Government Involvement like provision of huge financial incentives
  • Sustainable model
  • Best infrastructure in terms of Roads, Communication & others

Location Selection Criteria

  • Talent pool
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Deep Process Knowledge
  • Infrastructure Maturity
  • Legal Framework maturity
  • Data & IP Security & Privacy
  • Tax Sops
  • Political & Economic Stability
  • Culture Compatibility
  • Cost Structures